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Safe Harbor’s Client Servicing Matrix

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Thank you for requesting our Client Servicing Matrix to help you understand our service timeline. Our Matrix gives our clients:

  1. Month to month detail of what they can expect from our agency
  2. Better understanding of the Risk Management Plan
  3. Timeline to executing processes to protect the business and employees and drive revenue

You can download the matrix using the button below. Be sure to watch the 1.5 minute video message from David Carothers, founder of Florida Risk Partners about our timeline and what Florida Risk Partners does to earn your business.

Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors are here to help

Most companies in South Carolina today only see their agents once per year, twice if they are lucky.  Many firms are publicly traded or tied to the banking industry today so bottom line results are always on their radar, leaving you with a servicing void. 

At Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors, we have invested heavily in technology to streamline our back office processes so that our team members are able to execute on our Client Servicing Matrix to perfection.  This gives you, our stakeholder, as much face time as you need over the course of the year to maximize the efficiencies in your Total Cost of Risk.  At Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors, we are not here to sell you a product.  We are here to help you solve your problems.

Thank you for your interest in Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors. We provide a full suite of business insurance and risk management solutions for South Carolina companies plus our Risk Mitigation services to help your business grow.  By focusing on Total Cost of Risk as opposed to insurance policy premiums, we always deliver the best results for our clients, saving them money they didn’t even realize they were losing before we met.

If you would like to explore how Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors can help your company do more than workers compensation, give me call, send an email or schedule an appointment.

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