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Our process has been forged from the unique experiences of our team members.  We have all had total P&L responsibility for companies and business units outside of insurance and risk management.  We have all had direct experience working for a traditional insurance agency and we have all had experience working for, and with, risk management focused firms.  We also have all had ownership in our organizations.   Because of this, we are able to offer a truly blended process that has been embraced by companies of all shapes and sizes.  Our process puts YOU front and center.  Our process is pragmatic and is tailored to represent an operational leader’s or business owner’s point of view as opposed to that of an outside consultant.

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Insurance agencies want to sell you a product.  Risk Management firms want to spend their time digging under the covers to validate their existence (not altogether different from an OSHA audit).  Then they have a meeting to present their findings where they sit in YOUR conference room and tell you how BAD you are based on THEIR narrow experience.  At Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors, we solve problems.  We want YOU to be the guide for this process.  We aren’t going to solicit you 60-90 days before renewal to “bid your insurance”.  We also aren’t going to tell you that we have a “risk management approach” that requires us to engage with you 9-10 months prior to renewal.  Instead, we want to engage with you and your company where it makes the most sense to YOU.

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Because we have experience executing the aforementioned approaches, we do have a good idea on what actions make the most sense based on where you are in the annual life cycle of your insurance and risk management program.  Therefore, YOU tell us what you are looking for.  YOU tell us when you need us.  Then we will sit down as a team and determine the best course of action going forward.  We won’t tell you how we do it or how it needs to be done, because every company is different.  We will jointly agree on the best way to maximize efficiency while minimizing your Total Cost of Risk.

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