Why Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors

We represent YOU, not the carrier:

Our goal is your success.  Whether that’s for your business or your family, we work closely with each client to make recommendations to fit your current situation and goals.  

We focus on your TOTAL COSTS OF RISK:

Insurance can be just a band aid.  Is it really covering what you need?  Are there deeper issues driving your costs?  Our Advisors provide each client:

  1. A full risk analysis profile
  2. 12 month Risk Action plan
  3. Annual Review & Industry Vertical Sharing

This experienced 3 step program lowers risk for our clients, improves employee retention, lowers overall costs and ultimately increases revenue for our clients.

Your Risk Mitigation Partner

Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors has invested heavily in the technology needed to provide you with the data, tools and human capital needed to drive change in your organization.  For example, by offering a complimentary experience mod review, we can assemble data that you likely haven’t seen before.  Our advisors work closely with each client to make sure

1) your risks are identified

2) we provide processes to mitigate these risks and

3) provide the best coverage in the case you do experience a loss or claim, your business is minimally impacted. 

GUARANTEE:  We promise to impact your business risk mitigation or we will help you find another agency.   That is how much we believe in our service!   Check out our Google reviews.   We work hard for each client.   

IMPACT: We have found, within our 2nd meeting our Advisors can outline a plan to save most businesses 10% of their Total Costs of Risks.   

RISK PARTNER:  Most businesses have NO idea what their Total Cost of Risk is.   We ask “do you have an agent or a risk mitigation partner?”   Insurance is a reactionary product to a loss or injury.  Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors helps businesses prevent losses by thereby lowering risks and costs.   

BOTTOM LINE:   Without knowing your Total Cost of Risks, you get caught in a cycle of buying insurance and blindly hoping you will not have any claims.   Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors gives you a risk mitigation partner to guide your business.  Your larger company competitors have risk managers on staff.   Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors gives small to midsize businesses here in Columbia, SC, the same expertise for your business.

SO WHY WAIT?:   What do you have to lose?   Schedule a time to let our Advisors provide a no-cost risk analysis for your business.

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