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When to add Teenage Drivers to Your Auto Insurance in Lexington, SC

Driving in South Carolina as teenage is different in South Carolina. Drivers in Lexington and Columbia, SC, when they turn 15 can apply for their permit. This allows the teenage driver to drive while accompanied with a parent or another adult.

Six months after the 15 year old driver passes their beginners permit, the driver is eligilbe to apply for the Conditional License. This conditional license allows the teenage driver to drive by themselves during daylight hours (8am to 8pm in summer and 8am to 6pm in winter).

However, there are many questions on when to add the driver to your auto insurance policy.

When to add your teenage driver

You should notify us, your insurance agent, when your teenager gets a beginners permit (at 15 years old). For most carriers, the permit driver is NOT covered should they be in an accident while driving with an adult. The permit driver however does not get rated, so therefore does NOT affect premium.

Once your teen gets their CONDITIONAL license, the teen driver is rated and the premium will be affected. You will want to inform your advisor at Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors, immediately when your permit driver can drive on their own.

Looking at teenage driver insurance rates

Auto insurance premiums increase when you add a teen driver to the policy. Let’s face it: Teenagers are often high-risk drivers – due either to recklessness or inexperience – and insurance companies know they are taking a risk by insuring them.

However, there are ways to keep your costs from skyrocketing when your child starts to drive.

  1. Defensive driver’s training program.When you and I were in school, drivers ed was a course in high school. Now schools here in Lexington, SC and Columbia, SC, have private defensive driver courses. This is a great way to make sure your teen driver is safe AND that you get this discount. You will need to submit the defensive driver certificate to your advisor or carrier.
  2. Good grades. Kids with good grades tend to be safer drivers. Insurance carriers reward this hard work. Be sure to encourage your teenage driver to work hard at school for the good grades discount.,.
  3. Driver analytics and monitoring apps. Most carriers offer this app with a discount. Monitoring driving habits and locations, speeding, quick breaking, quick excelerations (so glad they did not have these when I was 16).
  4. Place all your coverage with the same company.Most insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts, so it could pay to have all of your insurance with the same company. The more you insure with one company, the greater your discount could be.

Adding a new, young driver to your household is scary enough without the added stress of out-of-sight insurance premiums. Give us a call at 803-386-1885 to make sure you and your teen are adequately covered and receiving all the discounts you’re eligible for.

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