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Thank you for requesting our private company survey to help you understand the personal asset exposure you may have.. You can download the survey using the button below. Be sure to watch the 2 minute video message from Lawson Condell, founder of Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors about how your executive exposure and that personal assets may be at risk.

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If you clicked on this link because you are just a little bit curious about your exposure as an executive or business owner, I don’t blame you.  Most private companies do not recognize the amount of personal liability their directors and officers have when it comes to executive risk. 

From Directors & Officers to Employment Practices Liability to Fiduciary Liability to Crime, every company in South Carolina today has this exposure.  Most agents just don’t talk to you about it.  Why?  They don’t understand the risks involved and have no way to quantify it.  That’s why we provide you with an annual risk survey from the nation’s leading provider of management liability insurance.

If you have management liability insurance, thank you for your interest in Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors. We provide a full suite of business insurance and risk management solutions for South Carolina companies plus our Risk Mitigation services to help your business grow.  By focusing on Total Cost of Risk as opposed to insurance policy premiums, we always deliver the best results for our clients, saving them money they didn’t even realize they were losing before we met.

If you would like to explore how Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors can help your company do more than workers compensation, give me call, send an email or schedule an appointment.

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