Risk Threats in the News

Threats are all around us.  Here are the latest risks facing businesses like yours in the US and especially in South Carolina.

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Cyber Threats in the News

Professional Liability in the News

Property Risks in the News

Cyber Threats to Businesses

Cyber attacks are increasing on dentists.  Apen Dental is now facing the fallout of a cyber breach.  Many times the financial impact of reputation loss is more than the hard cyber costs.

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Have you calculated the costs of a cyber breach?  The costs to your practice AND your clients?

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Our agency believes this is the biggest threat to your practice.  Are you covered?

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Even the big guys with large IT budgets get hit.   What would a breach mean to your practice?

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The FBI is currently investigating this breach that caused disruption throughout the upstate.

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Professional Liability Threats to Businesses

Professional liability protects you from a client inferring a financial loss from your business recommendation.  Professional liability can help pay for defense costs up to the policy limit.   If you run a business, professional liability is crucial coverage.

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EPLI is employment practices liability insurance that protects a business, business owner and manager from claims made by employees for discrimination or wrongful termination.

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Property Threats to Your Business