What is the “cheapest” insurance?

Looking for the cheapest insurance in South Carolina?

It’s crazy the world we live in right now. Costs are increasing almost everywhere we look. It’s understandable that everyone is looking to save money where they can.

At Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors, we have over 30 carriers that we shop for commercial and personal lines coverages for each client. Having so many options, allows us to tailor coverage to each client and their budget.

However, looking to just lower your premium can really put you at a major disadvantage. Lets look at auto insurance for example. South Carolina has been ranked as having more auto accidents than any other state. This drives up premiums for drivers in Lexington, SC.

More accidents also mean, costlier health bills, law suits, and auto repairs. Theses costs all play into the carriers premium calculations.

Auto Insurance is there to keep you, the driver, from having to pay out of pocket. Lowering liability or going to a very thrifty carrier (who will decline and fight you on claims payments) will put you at a major financial disadvantage should you be in an accident.

This is why at Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors we partner with only top tier carriers. Our Advisors work to find the best coverage that works with your budget. We are proud to say most new clients save over $500 a year moving to our agency for homeowners and auto insurance here in Lexington, SC and Columbia, SC.

Also many carriers that have offered lower premiums in the past are experience above normal increases. In Lexington, SC, we are seeing Geico and USAA dramatically increase auto premium rates well above other carriers.

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