Why is my car insurance so much in Lexington and Columbia, SC?


I love South Carolina. I grew up here. But auto insurance is higher than most states. Sow what can you do? Our Advisors work with each client to:

  1. Review your coverages
  2. Run your auto across all 30 of our carriers
  3. Find every discount available

More driving accidents. Lexington and Columbia, South Carolina, have higher driving accidents. Higher driving accidents by zip code drives up premiums across all carriers.

Auto Accident Lawsuits. Lawsuits drive up the cost of auto premiums here in Lexington and Columbia, SC. Here is a link to Findlaw’s auto accident payouts for Columbia, SC.

Finding a policy that fits your budget is important. Now our agency is not the cheapest. We want to provide you with a quality carrier with competitive rates. We represent YOU, not the carrier. So we will shop it again before every renewal to find you the best deal.

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If you need affordable insurance and you need it fast, Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors is here for you. For car insurance in South Carolina, we work with carriers that have flexible plans and low down payments. We find coverage to match your needs and a policy that is unique to you.

Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage claims resulting from an accident that is primarily your fault. The limits in your policy are the maximum amounts your insurance company will pay for bodily injury and property damage claims.

Liability limits are typically expressed as three amounts separated by slashes written as 25/50/25 or 25,000/50,000/25,000.

Our insurance follows South Carolina law requirements, which are to maintain liability limits* of at least:

$25,000 | Bodily Injury per Person

$50,000 | Bodily Injury per Accident

$25,000 | Property Damage

This is just the bare minimum coverage to keep allow you to drive legally in South Carolina. This state minimum limit most times puts a driver in a position of needing to pay out of pocket should he/she get into an accident. This is because the minimum dollar threshold is quickly met in most accidents. Thereby drivers with only the state minimum liability have to pay any excess out of their own pockets.


Ready to get back on the road with Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors auto insurance in South Carolina? Make sure you understand the South Carolina driving laws. If you need SR-22 insurance to demonstrate financial responsibility compliance, have questions about the penalties for non-compliance, or would like more information about other insurance products in addition to our car insurance in South Carolina, please let our Advisors know.

The penalty for failure to comply with South Carolina’s Financial Responsibility Requirements:

Failure to maintain proper insurance could lead to the loss of your vehicle plates and suspension of your driver’s license. If a law enforcement officer stops you, you may face fines or even jail time.

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