What are you promising others that might put you at risk?

Are your contracts and insurance conflicting?

What are you promising others that is putting you at risk? Seems like a crazy question but the truth is that many times contract review and risk management are not aligned. Did you know that you may actually agree to something in a contract that is excluded from coverage in your insurance program? Many times, carriers have very specific appetites for things such as: breach, warranty and remedy. By having a risk management professional review your contracts, you may be enlightened to a world of exposure you were not aware of.

While attorneys are excellent at drafting legally sound contracts, there is typically a disconnect when it comes to the overall risk management function. Things such as subcontractor agreements, leases, end user license agreements and your clients’ contracts can provide a wealth of information that is worth contemplating when determining your overall risk management strategy. To engage Florida Risk Partners for a complimentary high level contract review, call, email, or schedule an appointment with me today.

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